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Linetime Support Centre - 0113 250 0411

A major contribution to mutual success arises from Linetime’s approach to client support. Callers speak with an application expert, someone who has actually done the job of fee earner, legal cashier, credit controller, technical specialist in a working legal practice. This provides a greater affinity with the caller and their queries.

Regardless of whether you have an application or technical query, or perhaps a question on some future IT issue … Linetime staff are only a telephone call away.

Software support is available from 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), if required additional support can be provided outside core working hours.

The Linetime support team are based in Leeds and provide telephone support/guidance. The team answer all incoming calls within three rings and the individual responding takes initial details of the support request. We believe callers should get straight through to the team - no answer phones.

Calls are logged on our call management platform. Calls are given individual references which are used by the customer should they need to refer to a call at a later date. The call monitoring system allows call data to be collated, a priority level set, identifies the support specialist dealing with the call, allows call details to be forwarded to other specialists for progression, logs the date and time the call is logged, logs the date and time is call is closed and with whom the call was closed.

All of this is monitored through our performance portal monitoring calls volumes and service levels.


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