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Debt Recovery Software

Liberate DebtimeSQL will swiftly develop into the most powerful weapon in your armoury. Inefficiencies will be eradicated to release valuable time for even more profitable activities.

The inherent flexibility of Liberate Debtime will enable your organisation to harness its power to control and improve new and existing ways of working. The rapid customisation of screens and procedures mean that benefits can be realised quickly.

Liberate DebtimeSQL uses pre-defined processes to monitor and schedule each event ensuring consistently high standards of effective debt recovery. Client-centric web-based reporting also means that clients are able to independently scrutinise progress in real-time. At each stage, Liberate DebtimeSQL provides the information they want, when they want it and in the format they desire. This provides a higher standard of customer service whilst simultaneously easing the burden on fee-earners by reducing the level of interruptions.

Data can be imported from external systems with the Liberate ‘Data transformation suite’. This gives the user the ability to handle mixed debt types including bounced cheques, invoices, credit notes and credit card details. Additionally the system can cater for an unlimited number of invoice lines and co-defendants per debt. Facilities exist to update this information electronically e.g. when payment or address details change.

Liberate DebtimeSQL has electronic links to the CPC, CCBC and PCOL. Each defendant can be handled via a different court or execution method. Supported methods include warrants of execution, information orders, charging orders, third party debt orders and attachment of earnings. There is a full list of Courts, Sheriffs, HCEOs, Land Registries and associated services. Further electronic links to the London Gazette form part of Liberate DebtimeSQL’s sophisticated bankruptcy and insolvency processes.

So what’s so different between Liberate DebtimeSQL and other debt recovery software? In a word Liberate DebtimeSQL is a “specialist” debt recovery system. Other systems taking the general case approach are less suited to the specialisms and complexities of the collections and recovery processes. Whether your business concentrates on commercial or consumer debt Liberate DebtimeSQL is one of the most important investments your operation will ever make.

linetimes highly acclaimed debt recovery software will swiftly develop into the most powerful weapon in your armoury

Key Features

  • Pre-built screens, workflows and documents for processing debt recovery/enforcement transactions
  • ‘Designers’ software allows end-users to customise the standard definitions to individual client requirements
  • Integral Report Generator for building of custom reports
  • Unlimited mix of invoice, credit note and bounced cheque lines
  • Unlimited number of Co-defendants
  • Allows multiple workflows per matter and per debtor
  • Unlimited debt types – suitable for consumer and commercial work

Pre-legal processes

  • Trace agent instruction & chasing
  • Telephone collection support
  • Instalment plan creation and monitoring (per debtor)

Range of enforcement procedures – PER CO-DEFENDANT

  • Warrant of execution
  • Information orders
  • Charging orders
  • Third party debt orders
  • Attachment of earnings

Ability to maintain a complete case record

  • Includes all workflow run on the case
  • Includes all financial transactions generated
  • Includes all incoming and outgoing documentation:
    • Word processing /Scanned Images
    • E-mail
    • Voice Files
    • Video clips
    • File notes/Telephone notes

Billing Module

  • User definable bill templates per client/group
  • Multiple default charging mechanisms per client/group
  • Scheduled billing per client/group
  • Stage and Multi-Matter Billing
  • Bills include debt information to expedite payment


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