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DebtimeSQL saves time for you and money for your client.

By using the automated facilities in Debtime to send instructions to the CCBC you save on the time taken to issue and the client benefits from the reduced court fees. A double win for firms who are looking for efficiency improvements.

A description of their services is reproduced below from their web site.

The County Court Bulk Centre (CCBC) is located in Northampton. This unit has been set up by Her Majesty's Courts Service specifically to deal with straightforward debt collection work which, in the main, is undefended. Working in partnership with local courts, the CCBC not only removes this mainly administrative and procedural work from local courts thus freeing staff time for other areas of work, they also provide users with a faster, guaranteed service. There are also discounts on the standard county court fees. There is no minimum volume to qualify as a CCBC user.

CCBC will be processing claims using the SDT (secure data transfer) portal.

Firstly claims are issued through the CCBC and where a valid defence is filed, the CCBC will provide updates to the claimant electronically who then has 28 days to consider their position.

The MCOL service (money claims on line) will also be used by claimants to monitor the position of their cases.

The CCBC are supported by Practice Direction 7C of the Civil Procedure Rules.

Linetime’s DebtimeSQL Liberate Court Services module will ensure the above process is dealt with from end to end.

This is because whether you process a high or low number of legal actions the Liberate Court Services module will be the perfect fit for your business because the module processes submissions of County Court Claims, Judgments, Warrants, Paids, Discontinued, Withdrawn and cases which have been Written off.

The data is pre-validated prior to submission through the SDT portal.

The user interface provides a clear picture of pending and completed submissions within the overview area with embedded search functionality.

Other features of the Liberate Court Services include:

  • Enhanced Processing Performance
  • Overview area to review all file types
  • Multiple branch view
  • Plug and play – no need to re-engineer current workflows
  • Improved auditing
  • .NET User Interface


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