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When customers come calling

For law firms facing FSA regulations requiring them to record their telephone calls, or where clients insist on this as part of the service, Linetime’s case management and debt recovery software may well have the solution.

Linetime have linked with call recording specialist Veritape. The integrated solution automatically records calls, provides caller verification checks and stores the call recording against the relevant case or debt file.

Linetime have worked with Veritape to implement solutions at two top 50 law firms.

“It isn’t mandatory for us to have it as far as the SRA are concerned, but our clients are saying it is mandatory to have it if we want to do work on their behalf” quoted one director.

“In this day and age of retrospective litigation the increased requirement to protect businesses from accusations or bad practice cannot be ignored”.

For more information contact web@linetime.co.uk or call 0113 2500020 and speak to one of our sales staff.


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