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Making your possession claims online its cheaper and easier

PCOL allows claims for possession of property to be issued by individuals, organisations and solicitors online. It is a simple, convenient, fast and secure way of making or responding to a claim for possession and is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

PCOL offers you a cheaper, quicker alternative to issuing at your local county court – the court fee to issue a claim online is £100 compared to £175 using the paper based process and payment can be made via a direct debit facility.

You can use PCOL to track the progress of your claim, issue warrants and applications for possession and correspond directly with the court office that is processing your claim. In addition PCOL will instantly notify you the date, and at which court, your hearing will take place, as well as the name of the Judge who is hearing your claim and the court room they are sitting in.

PCOL will also email notifications to you when the Court has produced orders in relation to your claim, which can be viewed online or printed. You are also able to confirm appointments for possession directly with the bailiff dealing with your claim.

If you, or your client, are a landlord or mortgagor you can use PCOL provided your possession claim is based solely on rent or mortgage arrears. For more information visit the Government Gateway website https://www.possessionclaim.gov.uk/pcol/ or how  Linetime have the PCOL link available in the debt recovery software


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