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How to increase margin on high volume low margin work

Firms involved in the volume debt recovery sector will all know well the pressures of delivering service under a continuing trend of reducing margins.

In order to remain competitive, firms must look at all aspects of their collections procedures and where possible improve process efficiencies. Each gain, no matter how small, is magnified when processing a large number of transactions.

With efficiency in mind, Linetime’s DebtimeSQL debt recovery system provides the option to automate the collection of debtor payments via its Payment Zone module. DebtimeSQL is designed to streamline the recovery process and Payment Zone is just one element available to firms looking to maximise margins.

Payment Zone provides the debtor with access to an online payment system. To make a payment the debtor enters their debtor reference. The system guides the debtor through the process of entering their credit card details and the payment amount. If the payment is successful or rejected the debtor is provided with an appropriate notification.

Successful payments are passed to the debt recovery system. DebtimeSQL’s “transaction gateway engine” processes the payments and carries out the necessary debt allocation.

This high degree of automation frees up the debt recovery team. The team are able to focus their attention on working with debtors and collections rather than handling non-productive administrative tasks. Feedback also indicates that the convenience this facility provides to the debtor encourages them to pay and also to pay promptly. All of this increases operational efficiency and overall recovery rates.


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