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Commercial advantage in a commoditised market

How top-50 law firm DWF is turning procedure into process to increase productivity and client value in a highly commoditised work area.

Many law firms set up separate businesses to deal with debt recovery, but DWF saw an opportunity in an increasingly competitive marketplace to keep its debt recovery service in-house. To succeed with this strategy, however, it had to provide more client value, while maintaining margin.

To achieve those goals, DWF had to both increase the amount of workflow and process management within the debt recovery part of the firm and deliver more transparency and ease of use to clients – cutting the cost of delivery while increasing the quality of client service.

Richard Wilson sits on the senior management team of DWF's recoveries team as senior recoveries manager. Keeping things in-house, he says, meant the firm could offer the value in handling both commoditised and more complex debt work, capitalising on its full service reputation – but it meant the cost of delivery had to be driven down.

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