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Business Intelligence A New Spring

Perhaps because we are now seeing some improvement in the business environment demand for information is on the increase.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Business Intelligence (BI), Budget Variance Analysis or whatever you call the measurements you use to judge how your business is performing are the hot topics this month. Is it because the graphs are going upwards we like to see them, where when business was turning downwards we preferred not to look at the bad news? In reality it is just as relevant if not more so to see the bad news early when you still have the opportunity to take corrective action.

In my early training I learned that is it better to see the dirty water as it runs under the bridge rather than six months downstream in your yearend accounts.

At Linetime we have been working hard to develop our BI module even further so that you can bask in the warmth of the new business spring and enjoy the fruits of your labours over the dark winter months.

For more information and examples of the capability of Business Intelligence follow the link or contact us on 0113 250 0020.


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